Dugald River Project

Mt Isa, Queensland



June 2017

545,000m3 Earthworks, 9,000m3 Concrete


The Dugald River zinc mine is located approximately 65km north-west of Cloncurry in Queensland, Australia and is expected to be one of the world’s top ten mines once fully operational. Whittens was awarded the contract for bulk and detailed earthworks and 9,000m3 of structural concrete construction for the Dugald River Project.

The scope of work included major structures such as a reclaim tunnel raft foundation, together with foundations for the SAG, Ball and Regrind mills. The plant site bulk earthworks comprised the construction of roadworks, drainage, HDPE lined ponds and tailings storage facility, together with the installation of steel piping, HDPE piping and electrical cabling.

Earthworks and civil construction scope of works included:

  • Bulk and detailed earthworks for roadworks and drainage.
  • Construction of major structures including reclaim tunnel raft foundation and foundations for the SAG, Ball and Regrind mills.
  • Design and construction of the ROM Wall.
  • 9,000m3 of structural concrete construction.
  • Installation of HDPE piping and electrical cabling.