Our Values

We believe our success is intrinsically linked to our values and how we work and engage with our clients, our team, and the community.

Our clients know us to be grounded, transparent, honest and proactive – an approach which stems from our old-fashioned mindset. We continue to grow thanks, primarily, to our people – hard workers who are motivated to work together to achieve quality outcomes and whose values align with ours.

Our values are articulated below; we expect all those who work for us and those who work with us to exhibit the qualities which we believe are the core drivers of positive and fulfilling outcomes.



Safety is an integral part of everything we do. We want to keep our people safe and well, and we want to keep our projects incident free.

Whittens are committed to providing and maintaining a safe workplace for all employees, subcontractors, clients, suppliers and visitors. To keep our mates safe, Whittens is committed to safe systems of work driven by a risk-based, management led and audit driven key principle, and supported by the continued improvement cycle of plan, do, check and act to meet.

Our safety programme KEEPING OUR MATES SAFE is charged with one key objective – “every worker home safe every day”.

Empathy. Caring. Responsibility

Can do attitude

At Whittens, we believe a can-do attitude in the workplace is essential for success. From the executive leadership team to our site personnel, a positive attitude is what helps keep our teams motivated, engaged and determined to deliver excellence.

Job satisfaction and organisational commitment are a big part of our strategic drivers and how we cultivate a good workplace.

Accountability. Determination. Decisiveness


We invest in our people and continually work on building trust-based relationships that foster collaboration and real teamwork. Each of us approach work at Whittens with the mindset that together we can accomplish great things.

Whether on a project, or developing our teams, Whittens are passionate about working together and are motivated to grow and win together.

Unity. Cooperation. Thoughtfulness


We are dedicated to delivering on our promises and ensuring professionalism is displayed across all services. As a core guiding principle, we strive to be leaders in our field and drive excellence in the industries we serve.

With professional development opportunities, sophisticated business systems and a modern workplace, Whittens provides the foundations to encourage professionalism across the business.

Initiative. Creativity. Excellence


We are genuinely interested in growing together with our staff and clients. Our perseverance as a long-standing company in the ever-changing civil construction industry has enabled a workplace where loyalty is displayed, respected and valued.

Whittens people are respectful, dedicated and loyal team players who are encouraged and guided to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

Understanding. Respect. Trust


Strong leadership and demonstrated resilience have paved the way for achievement at Whittens. We believe hard work holds prime significance for creating fulfillment and the dedication and commitment needed to reach our goals.

We are a team of dedicated, hardworking, industry leading experts who above all value the importance of combining efforts to deliver outcomes.

Commitment. Diligence. Perseverance



As a family owned and operated Australian business with grass roots in concrete construction, passion has driven our purpose and is why we continue to innovate, diversify and deliver quality services.

Whittens are passionate about delivering the highest quality and it’s this passion that impels us to evolve. We genuinely care about our clients, our people and the environments we operate in.

Our mission, as an agile and people centric business, is to be the market leader in civil contracting, achieving sustainable growth through high performing people who safely deliver successful project outcomes for their clients.

Enthusiasm. Optimism. Zeal