Pluto LNG

LNG - Non Process Infrastructure, Ship Off-Loading Facilities and LNG Storage Tank Roofs
Woodside Petroleum
BGC Contracting; Georgiou; Harbourworks Clough JV; John Holland Group
Karratha, WA
November 2008 – December 2009

BGC - Whittens was contracted to supply and erect formwork, install reinforcement, place and finish concrete to effluent treatment plant Site B. Whittens provided labour to facilitate concrete placement to the roofs of the two LNG storage tanks. Concrete placement and finishing occurred at night, 40 metres off the ground and on an incline of approximately 20 degrees.

JHG - Whittens was contracted to design, supply and install formwork, install reinforcement, place and finish concrete to seven substations and four field auxiliary rooms (FARs). Works included formed ground beams with pedestals, plinths, toppings to precast (Hume’s slabs), formed in-situ concrete walls up to six metres high, and the installation of lightweight aerated concrete.

Harbour Works Clough JV - Under the contract, various works were undertaken with a labour only workforce for the ELF wharf and the jetty for the Pluto LNG Ship off loading facility. Whittens undertook the installation of formwork, reinforcement fixing and concrete placing activities as required and supplied qualified employees at short notice.

Georgiou - Whittens was contracted to perfrom various concrete, formwork and reinforcement installation on Site B2 East of the Pluto LNG Project. Whittens supplied qualified personnel on short notice, as required.

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