Louise Whitten

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Since day one, Louise Whitten has helped the brothers build the business. Her leadership has supported Whittens’ growth to become one of the largest civil contracting companies in Western Australia.

With an “all or nothing” attitude (and it’s usually all!), Louise is driven to succeed in whatever she sets her mind to. At Whittens, she sets her mind to continually build a successful company, prioritising team members’ safety and wellbeing and investing in their personal and professional growth.

Her staff will attest to her genuine commitment to getting Whittens’ team members home safely every day. This “keeping our mates safe” culture cascades throughout the business and is evident in every action and interaction.

A self-professed country girl at heart, Louise is the heart of the business. She is solutions-focused and connects easily with people who gravitate to her for guidance and support. Her leadership style is best described as inclusive, supportive, and passionately loyal.

Louise is not afraid to tackle the most challenging issues, hence her mantra; “If a problem can be solved with action, then you don’t have a problem – so, let’s determine the action needed and work from there to find a solution.”

When asked what advice she would give to others on their growth journey, she said, “Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be honest, be accountable and be yourself – it’s the best way to succeed.”

Louise was first appointed as Whittens’ Chief Executive Officer in 2009.